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Growth As A Writer 2011/04/09

Posted by Sandra Ruttan in Writing.
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When I review things I wrote years ago, I want to take out a big red pen and then fix all the mistakes.

However, a lot of ‘mistakes’ are subjective. Over time, we learn how to improve our writing. We learn how to use tense for impact, we learn how to avoid word repetition, we learn how to self edit. We learn how to show the reader what we mean instead of telling them everything, and we add dimensions to our writing.

The writing curve for writers in the early years is huge.

As a writing course tutor, one of the realities is that I’m constantly pointing things out to students that I’ve done myself. I recall being in that position, having a critique from someone who was calling me out on a mistake I’d seen them make in their own writing in the past.

The critical words there are in the past. Every writer has to be willing to grow and improve. That doesn’t mean we haven’t made our mistakes; it means we’ve learned from them, or are in the process of shaking our own bad habits, and we’re trying to pass on what we’ve learned to others so that they can avoid the same mistakes.

Writing is a humbling experience at times, and we must all be open to constructive feedback. If we aren’t, we risk inhibiting our growth, and the only people we’ll hurt will be ourselves.

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