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No Comment 2016/04/09

Posted by Sandra Ruttan in Uncategorized.

Recently, I’ve determined that the comments system here isn’t very effective, and the messaging system Facebook has isn’t much better. Countless messages have been filtered into suspected spam comment folders that aren’t always easily accessible, and as a result I’ve left a lot of reader emails unanswered.


There were two big questions that emerged from the comments and messages I went through this week. One was whether or not Lara and Tymen would return for a sequel to 2007’s Suspicious Circumstances. The other was whether Nolan, Hart and Tain would return for a fourth book in their series.


As of right now I can only say that both are possibilities, but it may be a while. Any updates will be posted here, and for readers who want to contact me directly, please use the email posted on the contact page.


Thanks for writing!

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