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Reviewing The Evidence


Reviewing The Evidence has weighed in on The Spying Moon:

“One of the qualities of author Sandra Ruttan’s writing style is that she does not feel compelled to tie up every loose end in sight. In fact, she doesn’t resolve a ton. But this makes the whole story a lot more realistic than most mysteries – I review mysteries: most are carefully packaged by the end. Even without the subtitle, THE SPYING MOON (Integrated Border Enforcement Team) (Volume 1), the reader knows that this is the opening foray into a series of novels about Kendall Moreau.

…  on the whole, turning this into a series is a good thing.”


Sandra Ruttan was a walking disaster in her formative years. At age eight she was hit by a car while riding her bike home and her head was cut open. Just before her ninth birthday she was running along the beach, landed on broken glass, and her foot was partially severed. The muscle had to be stitched back together, leaving some uncertainty about whether she'd walk again, and the doctor was so fed up with her screaming he told her if she didn't shut up he'd cut her foot off. She went to school with the doctor's son, and forever felt sorry for him. After her tenth birthday she fell down a waterfall and almost drowned. Her later adventures have included being in Seville when they found 4.5 tons of explosives set to blow up the Semana Santa parade and being in a car crash in the Sahara Desert. There is absolutely no explanation for how she's managed to stay alive as long as she has. Keep up to date at her website,