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Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become


Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become is on sale now!


This collection was fantastic! I will be looking forward to more collections from this publishing house in the future and will gladly give them all my money.

“The stories themselves are well-crafted and form a cohesive collection, thematically, without being an obvious themed call for submissions. I enjoyed the author diversity, as well as the diversity of the characters. The stories themselves are each and all dark and imaginative and fresh. A great, entertaining, and grisly read that is well worth the money. I foresee these anthologies rising to Nightmare and Cemetary Dance levels soon.” – Amazon Reviewer


Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become is a collection of 12 horror/dark fantasy stories exploring the most terrifying parts of human and non-human nature. Journey into these worlds and face the foes our characters may — or may not — overcome.

You are …
A woman, haunted through every reincarnation by a man who will not let you go.
A monster, fighting evil impulses that have guided your kind for centuries.
A teen rendered voiceless, forced to be somewhere you don’t belong..
A person conditioned with white supremacist masculinity, facing a situation where you must kill to survive.

You change …
Unknown curses are fused with your being and threaten to consume you.
Beings infect you with their horror and poison your soul.
The end of the world frees you from your obligations and gives you a second chance.
A villain steals you, piece by piece, until there is nothing left of you at all.

You can’t let go …
You sacrificed your heart and life to salvage your pride.
You must have the answers you seek.
You’re loyal to your host to the end.
You love the person who asks you to do the unthinkable.

You are silenced …
By oppression. By bigotry. By hatred. By an evil that renders you voiceless and threatens to consume your soul.

You are invited …
Step into the worlds of Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become and face the foes our protagonists may or may not overcome …

If you dare.

“These stories knock it out of the park … The writing is tight, terse and so fully formed. The ideas just blew me away.” Shamus, Macavity, Barry and Grand Prix de Literature Policiere award-winning author Ken Bruen

Introduction: The Random Convergence of Horror by Sandra Ruttan
The Law of Conservation of Death by Hailey Piper
Nukekubi by Patrick Winters
MRSA Me by Alicia Hilton
Trigger Finger by Joanne Rixon
Ivan’s Emporium of Curses by N. Sowers
Treats by Robert Stahl
I Will Make You Holy by V. Medina
We All Scream by Hailey Piper
We Are Hungry Whether or Not by Jessica P. Wick
Sweet Caroline by Angela Sylvaine
The Latin Queens of Mictlan by V. Castro
Lest Ye Become by Timothy Mudie


Sandra Ruttan was a walking disaster in her formative years. At age eight she was hit by a car while riding her bike home and her head was cut open. Just before her ninth birthday she was running along the beach, landed on broken glass, and her foot was partially severed. The muscle had to be stitched back together, leaving some uncertainty about whether she'd walk again, and the doctor was so fed up with her screaming he told her if she didn't shut up he'd cut her foot off. She went to school with the doctor's son, and forever felt sorry for him. After her tenth birthday she fell down a waterfall and almost drowned. Her later adventures have included being in Seville when they found 4.5 tons of explosives set to blow up the Semana Santa parade and being in a car crash in the Sahara Desert. There is absolutely no explanation for how she's managed to stay alive as long as she has. Keep up to date at her website,