Interviews with Sandra Ruttan

Q&A at The Big Thrill Oct. 2018

Interviewed by Dana King Sept. 14, 2018

Interviewed by Tom Leins Sept. 24, 2018


Older features still online:

January Magazine Feature Author Profile

Damien Seaman interviews me at Noir Originals, May 2008

Damien Seaman interviews me at Pulp Pusher, April 2008

Interrogated by Declan Burke, November 2007

Behind The Scenes At Spinetingler, interviewed by Sandra Parshall July 2007

Matthew Baldwin has written an article on web noir for The Morning News. I was interviewed for the article, along with Charles Ardai, Otto Penzler, Anthony Neil Smith, Todd Robinson and Dave Zeltserman.

Interviewed by BJ Bourg in Mouth Full of Bullets, March 2007
Interviewed by JT Ellison in Spinetingler, December 2006
Interviewed by Chris Well, part 1, November 2006
Interviewed by Chris Well, part 2, December 2006
Interviewed by Julia Buckley, August 2006
Interviewed by JB Thompson, May 2006