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Nolan, Hart & Tain Series

Book 1: What Burns Within

Book 2: The Frailty of Flesh

Book 3: Lullaby for the Nameless

Purchase What Burns Within (Leisure Fiction) for Kindle

Purchase The Frailty of Flesh for Kindle

Purchase Lullaby for the Nameless (Nolan, Hart & Tain Thrillers) for Kindle

A note for readers:

The publisher of these works has not been paying authors royalties, has profited from the sales of ebook editions of books they no longer hold the rights to sell, and are not even crediting all their authors with accurate records of their sales. I held out hope that the publisher would begin to rebuild, and that with patience, in time they’d begin to pay their authors. Unfortunately, it’s been two years, and the situation has continued to deteriorate.

Some of us can come to terms with never seeing another check, but the lack of accurate reporting of our sales to avoid payment can hurt authors and prevent them from securing new contracts with reputable publishers. The publishing industry is a game of numbers, and a low sales record is a serious concern for authors.

There are several sites online where ebooks are posted for free, and several printed copies of my books are available for sale used on Amazon, and Ebay. Please, feel free to take advantage of those options.

If you wish to purchase these works, please do so through the links here, so that the author can be credited by Amazon Associate sales.

For more information about the issues with the publisher, please follow the links here, here and here.

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