Book 3 – Lullaby For The Nameless

It’s Nolan, Hart and Tain’s nightmare: the case that brought them together still haunts them. When Hart and Tain find themselves handling the case of the murder of the only victim who survived from that original, horrific case several months earlier, it brings back bad memories and fears that they may not have caught all the killers after all.

Nolan is running from his problems, taking one temporary assignment after another. When he’s assigned to a manhunt to search for a man who may have murdered his family he’s confronted with his demons from the past as well. What he doesn’t tell his supervisors is that the man they’re searching for is connected to that old case. When a body is recovered in the woods Nolan is reassigned, and the startling similarities between the victim and the original victims from the case he worked with Tain and Hart dredges up the past.

Told with intersecting timelines, LULLABY FOR THE NAMELESS deals with murders in the present while telling the story of the first case Nolan, Hart and Tain worked on together. Did they get it wrong in the first investigation, or is someone targeting them, murdering people connected to the case to cast doubt on the original investigation? When one of the constables makes a reckless move the others must put their personal issues aside to try to find him, and the killer, before it’s too late.