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6 thoughts on “Contact/Connect

  1. Sandra: Hi, I’m Angela Zeman, short story author (mostly). Sorry, this isn’t the type of comment you were expecting.

    I’ve recently re-vamped my old website into a site with the theme STORY. One page is a tiny webzine. Now that it’s built, can’t find a reliable person to maintain it. Wondered if you’d have names? Advice?

  2. I just finished Suspicious Circumstances and loved the book. I wish she would continue the story in a sequel as there is much to still accomplish with this case. The powerful people seem to still be left untouched. Perhaps she is making a statement.

  3. Are there going to be any more Nolan, Hart & Tain books? I have read the first three. Thank you.

  4. Hi Sandra, I just discovered your Hart,Nolan & Tain series and read all 3 books back to back. I thought they were fantastic and wondered if you plan to write any further books about these 3 great characters. Please say you are. I’ve also just downloaded your 2 stand alone novels as well as Collateral Damage and can’t wait to get reading these.

  5. Sandra Ruttan I have read your three books with Hart and I would like to know if there will be a book coming in the near future

    1. Thanks for writing Jane. It looks like it may be a little while before Ashlyn Hart returns in a book. I am working on other projects at the moment and hope to have some new characters to introduce soon.

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