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Critique Services

Do you have a story you want to tell?


Many aspiring authors start out feeling alone and unsure of how to take the right steps to get their book published.



Some have published their own works online and faced scathing reviews and criticism of their book.



Others receive rejection after rejection from editors and agents, and don’t know how to identify and correct the issues in their manuscript that are keeping them from a publishing contract.



When I received my first critique, I didn’t write for a month.


Professional feedback from a published author helped me avoid a lot of common mistakes, which led to publication credits instead of rejection letters. I’ll never forget the day I walked into Barnes & Noble and saw my book on the shelves. There were emails, like the email I received from a long-lost friend, telling me she’d seen my book in a bookstore at the airport in Houston. My book was reviewed in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal.


After working through first-hand experience with rejection letters, I learned how to revise, rewrite, and improve the story and character development.


Often, aspiring authors don’t know how to prepare their story for submission and publication. My success was possible because I had a willingness to learn, and because I found someone credible who could offer me professional feedback that enabled me to refine my manuscript and get it published. I know how much it helped me to find an experienced author who was willing to work with me, and that’s why I offer an affordable critique service for aspiring writers who are serious about professional publication.


I’m currently offering critique services for manuscripts up to 400 pages* for $299. This special rate will be available until November 5, 2015 for a limited number of manuscripts.


Feedback will cover analysis of the hook, character development, setting, description, story development, style and conclusion.


Most editors and agents will not continue reading a manuscript if it has mistakes in it, and that’s why information on grammar, usage and mechanics will also be provided, along with tips on self-editing and revision.


For more information, vemail sandraruttan.spinetinglermag (at) gmail (dot) com


* Formatting restrictions apply. One-inch margins on all sides, standard Times New Roman 12 pt font, with text double-spaced.



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