“All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was.”

Master Yoda, from the STAR WARS series

As children, we begin to crave the freedoms that come with age. Being old enough to stay up late, to watch the show our big brother or sister is allowed to watch, to get to stay home alone for a few hours instead of being dragged out, grocery shopping with everyone else.

Date. Drive a car. Drink. Vote.

Then things change. The pressure is on to get your education, start a career, get married, start a family. Put down roots. Some of the pressure comes from without, and some of it comes from within. Friends are ticking off those boxes… You should be too.

At some point – and even as a thirty-six-year-old woman there are moments I’m at this point – you look back and wish you could unwind the hands of time, return to a simpler moment, actually appreciate that person you didn’t know would be taken from you so unexpectedly.

Savor the sunset on that July day instead of rushing off to do errands. Pick up the phone and tell the people you love how you feel instead of assuming they know.

You never know if it might be your last chance. “We grow up so slowly and grow old so fast.” Robbie Robertson, WHAT ABOUT NOW?

As I add a regular newsletter to my list of things to do each month I’ve been thinking about how, as an author, you’re rarely in the present. It’s 89 days until WHAT BURNS WITHINwill be released, and there is talk of the marketing plan to support its release.

Two weeks ago I was drafting up the cover proposals for THE FRAILTY OF FLESH, which doesn’t come out until November. Two weeks from now I’ll be working on edits toFRAILTY. Meanwhile, I’m writing another new book…

Some of the forthcoming interviews for WHAT BURNS WITHIN were done a few months ago. I know there are a few more I’m scheduled for, but it feels fragmented. I’m looking ahead to the release, I’m looking ahead to plans for book two, I’m trying to write another manuscript…

”Never his mind on where he was.”

The only moments I’m able to turn it all off and just be in the moment is when I’m writing, and when I’m sharing time with those I love. Maybe this will get better. I don’t want to find myself, three or four books along, realizing I never just enjoyed the moment when I held the first copy in my hands. Your books are like your babies in that way, and when they arrive and you see them for the first time it’s the reward for months of hard work, nurturing and shaping this work, bringing it to life.

It’s something to celebrate.

I haven’t had that moment yet with WHAT BURNS WITHIN. But for each of you, whatever it is you do – whether you write short stories or are working on that manuscript or produce films or write reviews or run an ezine – savor those moments of achievement. Don’t rush them. Learn to appreciate the here and now, because in this crazy business you can be here today and gone tomorrow, and you must never take your success for granted.


It’s 89 days and counting. There will be some free book giveaways, and other things going on. I will be blogging about the book in the weeks ahead, specifically about writing it and some things about the setting and research.