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Breaking the Christmas Curse 2012/12/24

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Several years ago, as I began to seriously try my hand at adult fiction, I entered a contest at The Cynic online, with the topic of a not-so-cynical Christmas story.  Breaking The Christmas Curse received an honorable mention.

“We bought the annual family lottery ticket,” I added as I stood, reaching for my coat.

“Waste of money, if you ask me.”

“Oh, you never know, we might get lucky.”

His eyes narrowed.  “You’re unusually chipper, Leah.”

“I’ll try anything once.” (more…)

In Review: Harvest of Ruins a page-turner 2012/10/14

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“This book has a great opening. It’s like crashing into a swimming pool from the flumes into deep-cold water as it takes a little time to find orientation.

“On the surface, this book is a courtroom drama, a very good one at that….

“To leave it there wouldn’t do the book justice. It examines some of the sensitive aspects of parenting, friendships and growing u with real skill, tenderness and insight. How vulnerable the young can be and how far the grown-ups of this world will go to cover up the vulnerabilities that linger.

“Whether you enjoy a police-procedural, a courtroom drama or a more serious examination of life and its relationships, this is likely to be a book for you.”

Nigel Bird – click for the full review

Nolan, Hart & Tain series moves to Thomas & Mercer 2012/10/14

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I am thrilled to announce that Thomas & Mercer has purchased the rights to WHAT BURNS WITHIN, THE FRAILTY OF FLESH and LULLABY FOR THE NAMELESS. This means these books will remain available for purchase for Kindle, and be available for purchase in print in the near future.

In Review: Harvest of Ruins 2011/08/14

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“Intricately layered, Harvest of Ruins works well on several levels. On the surface it’s a taut legal thriller that interweaves the proceedings currently unfolding in the courtroom with the events that brought McKenna to this point. On a deeper level, however, Harvest of Ruins is a psychological study of the devastating effects of guilt, both for actions taken as well as those not taken.

“Author Sandra Ruttan’s writing is some of the smoothest and most realistic you will ever come across. Everything from the setting to the dialog to the courtroom process rings true – and as an attorney I am hard on courtroom scenes, trust me – and the characters are so finely drawn it feels as though you’re reading about people who could be your friends or neighbors. Indeed, Harvest of Ruins will not only entertain you, it will cause you to take a lingering look at those around you, forcing you to wonder what may be going on with them just beneath the surface, waiting to boil over.”

Elizabeth A. White, All-Purpose Monkey


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