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Spinetingler Fall Print Issue

Spinetingler Magazine’s Fall 2017 print issue, edited by myself and author Jack Getze, is available for purchase. It’s packed with author features and interviews, as well as some great short stories. The issue was published in partnership with Down & Out Books.


“I’d been a grown-up since age twelve, when my father strangled my mother and took my family, my home, my cat, and any chance at ever having a normal life away from me.”

The teenage daughter of a killer.

“Kevin thinks he’s a millionaire. This jar of pennies weighs a ton, so Kevin thinks he must be rich, but there’s no connection between weight and value. Kevin’s father is proof of that.”

What happens when Santa threatens to put Kevin on the naughty list?

A divorced dentist. A former prostitute. A retired cop. An escaped convict. The daughters of a drunk. These are just some of the characters who bare their souls in this issue of Spinetingler Magazine. How does unimaginable loss redefine a teenager’s life? What does it take for a mother who’s barely coping with life to learn to appreciate her son? What could cause fifty-year-old secrets to surface?

What truths will surface when our diverse cast of characters faces their defining moments? Join us on journeys fascinating and unforgettable.

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In Review: Harvest of Ruins a page-turner

“This book has a great opening. It’s like crashing into a swimming pool from the flumes into deep-cold water as it takes a little time to find orientation.

“On the surface, this book is a courtroom drama, a very good one at that….

“To leave it there wouldn’t do the book justice. It examines some of the sensitive aspects of parenting, friendships and growing u with real skill, tenderness and insight. How vulnerable the young can be and how far the grown-ups of this world will go to cover up the vulnerabilities that linger.

“Whether you enjoy a police-procedural, a courtroom drama or a more serious examination of life and its relationships, this is likely to be a book for you.”

Nigel Bird – click for the full review