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The Big Thrill

I answer a few questions about The Spying Moon at The Big Thrill.

cover-ruttan-spying-moon-4How does this book make a contribution to the genre?

Racial issues are a significant part of this story. How people put limitations on others because of their culture, gender and beliefs has an impact on the events that unfold.

Find out what I have to say about Shiprider, Eric Holder and more!


Also, I’ll be participating in some round table discussions at The Big Thrill this month.

Oct. 15-21: How much value do authors place on social media?

Oct. 22-28: What can thriller writers learn from the horror genre?

Oct: 29-Nov. 4: Do authors sometimes regret killing off a character?

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Plus, check out a recent review of The Spying Moon:

“With “The Spying Moon” (Down & Out Books) does one thing quite different than most police procedurals, Sandra Ruttan balances several different mysteries successfully throughout the book … Moreau gives readers a different look at policing and problems with diversity, racism, and sexism within the department and society. Ruttan crafted a good mystery that fans of police procedurals will love.” —David Nemeth, Unlawful Acts

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Some High Praise for The Spying Moon

“There were also numerous plot twists and dramatic confrontations.   Ruttan is an experienced writer who knows how to build suspense.

“I look forward to reading future novels about the adventures of Kendall Moreau in the RCMP.  Perhaps she may investigate cases that involve First Nations individuals or communities.  Yet she could be dealing with numerous types of ethnicities that reflect the diversity of 21st century Canadian society.  I have confidence in Moreau’s ability to handle all the situations that might arise in the course of her career, and Ruttan’s ability to portray them.”

And what does The Masked Reviewer have to say about Moreau?

“In a more typical narrative centered on a character with this background, Moreau would have been studying with a medicine woman in order to get back to her roots.   This doesn’t happen in Spying Moon.  Although Moreau was disappointed not to be in a position where she can work on her mother’s very cold case,readers can expect her to be a professional who is focused on solving crimes.  She doesn’t allow any prejudice or harassment that she encounters to stop her from doing her job.  I found her admirable.”

The Spying Moon is currently available for pre-order and will be on sale September 17.