Website Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The only information about specific individuals that the managers of this website have access to is any personal information that you may volunteer in the process of making comments or choosing to correspond with me via email.

Individuals who choose to enter contests may be required to provide their name, email address and, in the event that they win, their mailing address. Providing this information is a voluntary act.

Any information I’m provided with, such as email addresses and other relevant contact information, will be held in confidence. This information is solely available to Sandra Ruttan and Brian Lindenmuth. This information will not be given to any individual without consent.

Information provided for contests will be kept until that contest is complete and then deleted from our email account. Other correspondence may be filed for future contact unless the individual requests that it be deleted. It would only be used in the event that there was a reason to follow up with the individual about the subject of our correspondence. The individual would only be contacted by Sandra or Brian. For example, if an individual wrote to ask Sandra when her next book was coming out she may send a personal email when she has the publication date.

No individual will be added to a mailing list or have their information sold, given away or distributed in any manner. However, law enforcement officials may be notified of individuals that produce correspondence that threatens individuals or groups of people via our email or via comments on our website.

The stats feature provided by WordPress does provide general information about which country visitors to the site are from. It also provides information about any links that visitor choose to explore and sites that referred visitors to this website.

As a WordPress site, information may be gathered and used according to WordPress’s privacy policy, which is found here. The use of cookies and such is governed by WordPress.

I don’t want people giving my email address out without permission or adding me to mailing lists without permission or sending me advertisements continuously. And I like to treat others the way I like to be treated. I do not have a mailing list at this time. I do not send out unsolicited mailings.

Individuals who choose to visit via Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms are subject to the privacy policies of those platforms.