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Reviewing The Evidence


Reviewing The Evidence has weighed in on The Spying Moon:

“One of the qualities of author Sandra Ruttan’s writing style is that she does not feel compelled to tie up every loose end in sight. In fact, she doesn’t resolve a ton. But this makes the whole story a lot more realistic than most mysteries – I review mysteries: most are carefully packaged by the end. Even without the subtitle, THE SPYING MOON (Integrated Border Enforcement Team) (Volume 1), the reader knows that this is the opening foray into a series of novels about Kendall Moreau.

…  on the whole, turning this into a series is a good thing.”

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The Big Thrill

I answer a few questions about The Spying Moon at The Big Thrill.

cover-ruttan-spying-moon-4How does this book make a contribution to the genre?

Racial issues are a significant part of this story. How people put limitations on others because of their culture, gender and beliefs has an impact on the events that unfold.

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Also, I’ll be participating in some round table discussions at The Big Thrill this month.

Oct. 15-21: How much value do authors place on social media?

Oct. 22-28: What can thriller writers learn from the horror genre?

Oct: 29-Nov. 4: Do authors sometimes regret killing off a character?

Drop in and let us know what you think!

Plus, check out a recent review of The Spying Moon:

“With “The Spying Moon” (Down & Out Books) does one thing quite different than most police procedurals, Sandra Ruttan balances several different mysteries successfully throughout the book … Moreau gives readers a different look at policing and problems with diversity, racism, and sexism within the department and society. Ruttan crafted a good mystery that fans of police procedurals will love.” —David Nemeth, Unlawful Acts